The iconic grounds of Yungaba, where the restaurant is today located, had served for many years as an immigration centre. Yungaba was constructed in 1887 and it has provided shelter to countless immigrants who
decided to make Queensland their new home.

So as to preserve the rich history of the site, at Medley we feel it is our duty to provide a renewed place for
cultural exchange, this time via food. Migration gave Australia a great gift; diversity of cuisine.

New ingredients, different cooking techniques and exotic spices make our food more and more interesting.

At Medley we celebrate this great gift, we celebrate good food and homely hospitality.


"Hospitality is the contemporaneous exchange designed to enhance mutual wellbeing for the parties involved
through the provision of food, drink and accommodation".

We believe in genuine and warm hospitality driven by the motive of duty to please others, deeply inherent in
human nature.


Medley stands for diversity of flavours that are in harmony and for diversity of cuisines.

At Medley we offer traditional, classic dishes from around the world.

All our dishes are cooked to order using the freshest ingredients with no added food chemicals or preservatives.

Furthermore, we use organic or freerange products when possible to ensure a more nutritious culinary experience.