The iconic grounds of Yungaba, where Medley is today located,

had served for many years as an Immigration Centre.

Yungaba was constructed in 1887 and provided shelter to countless immigrants who decided to make Queensland their new home. So as to preserve the rich history of the site, at Medley we feel it is our duty to
provide a renewed place for cultural exchange, this time through food.

Migration gave Australia a great gift; diversity of culture and cuisine. New ingredients, different
cooking techniques and exotic spices introduced to the island continent have made
for an exciting culinary evolution.

At Medley we celebrate this great gift of cultural
exchange through our ‘World Inspired Food’ and warm hospitality.


"Hospitality is the contemporaneous exchange designed to enhance mutual wellbeing for the parties involved
through the provision of food, drink and accommodation".

We believe in genuine and warm hospitality driven by the motive of duty to please others, deeply inherent in
human nature.



Althea Durieux

Since graduating from tertiary education Althea has been working in the hospitality industry and over those ten years she has gained important skills as a Food & Beverage Attendant to become a vital member of the Medley team, securing the position of Assistant Restaurant Manager. Althea’s achievements also include certification as a Pâtissier and Chef through her TAFE education. Her career has given her the opportunity to travel which has broadened her skills, knowledge and experience in delivering exceptional customer service. This journey began where she secured her first job in Singapore, her birthplace. Her passion continued when she moved to Australia securing noteworthy positions at restaurants, stadiums and resorts across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Althea’s prior tenure at Hamilton Island Enterprises has driven her skills to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and she utilises this asset to the best of her ability in her current job role.
As a person she is often seen as a smiley, caring and giving person which is easily expressed through her customer interactions and she thrives on building a great rapport with new and regular clientele. During her free time she enjoys hosting and visiting, social gatherings with friends and family and new travel encounters. She is currently living in Brisbane with her husband, Remy, and their pet snake, Patrick, working as a proud member of the Medley team.


Yu Miyashita

Yu developed a keen interest in food and cooking at a very young age, having to prepare meals independently whilst the hard-working parents toiled long hours to sustain a business. At the age of 18 he gained entry to the prestigious TSUJI Culinary Institute in Japan and went on to complete his training in 2008. From there he joined the highly regarded, three Michelin-star restaurant
of Paul Bocuse fame, working at associated establishments throughout Japan.
His position as Senior Chef de Partie was instrumental in helping him establish a career as a highly talented and recognised chef. With six years of experience under his belt at Paul Bocuse, a leap of faith was taken to venture to Australia and explore the worldly possibilities on the island continent.
Through this exploration Yu found himself behind the pans at Medley, fittingly taking up a high-profile position which gave him the opportunity to bring to the fore his skills in a restaurant that focuses on ‘World Inspired Food’.
Yu’s underlying passion of the creative thought process is a critical component in making wonderful dishes come to life, often defining new possibilities along the way. This intrinsic level of creative thinking is equally matched with skilfully executed presentation. Yu’s mastery of culinary delights always inspires and evokes wonderful sensory reaction.


Hitomi Miyashita

Hitomi comes to Medley with a passion for Japanese tradition and culture having been involved as a leader for a Japanese Tea Ceremony club throughout her schooling career. She further developed an interest in foreign culture and history under her father’s guidance and his extended travels through Europe, later exploring the continent of Australia herself. Shortly upon arrival Hitomi sought to find an opportunity in the world of Australian culinary exploration and tradition. 
Hitomi joins Medley with a wealth of experience from her schooling at the highly regarded Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka having mastered French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. She went on to study the art of Poison Fish cooking obtaining her specialised Cook’s licence. A three year position at the well-respected Okura Hotel group provided invaluable training in catering services. Once mastering all sections of the kitchen Hitomi went on to guide the Apprentice Chefs. 
A further three years experience was gained in traditional Japanese confectionary at Kyoto’s Sentaro which has its own organic farm providing healthy, organic sweets. With its deep traditions and strong links to Kyoto’s rich history her experience at Sentaro was a privileged opportunity to nurture her talents in confectionary creation.
Hitomi is passionate about sharing her amazing wealth of experience and creativity in all aspects of the kitchen with those that care to share the same exciting journey of culinary pleasure.


Kulwinder 'Jess" Gill


Our World Inspired Food ethos is driven by a passion in diversity of cuisine and
harmonious flavours found in many regions throughout the world.

At Medley, we offer many classic and delightfully interesting dishes from the four corners of the globe. This is complimented by signature exotic dishes, equally inspired by the various continental foods and the abundance of fresh, quality local ingredients that we are blessed with in Queensland. All our dishes are cooked to
order using the freshest ingredients, with no added food chemicals or preservatives and we actively pursue the use of organic or free-range products, as much as possible, to ensure a most nutritious culinary experience.

So let us take you on an exciting culinary journey in the comfort of our lovely home which we call Medley.