The iconic grounds of Yungaba, where Medley is today located,

had served for many years as an Immigration Centre.

Yungaba was constructed in 1887 and provided shelter to countless immigrants who decided to make Queensland their new home. So as to preserve the rich history of the site, at Medley we feel it is our duty to
provide a renewed place for cultural exchange, this time through food.

Migration gave Australia a great gift; diversity of culture and cuisine. New ingredients, different
cooking techniques and exotic spices introduced to the island continent have made
for an exciting culinary evolution.

At Medley we celebrate this great gift of cultural
exchange through our ‘World Inspired Food’ and warm hospitality.


"Hospitality is the contemporaneous exchange designed to enhance mutual wellbeing for the parties involved
through the provision of food, drink and accommodation".

We believe in genuine and warm hospitality driven by the motive of duty to please others, deeply inherent in
human nature.



Nick Pavlakis / Owner-General Manager (Customer Relations)

On behalf of my wife and I, I am thrilled to announce that we have recognised full ownership of Medley Café & Restaurant. Having been involved with the establishment of the business in early 2015 it has been a challenging yet wonderful journey to date. It is one we wish to continue with much love, focusing on establishing Medley as one of Brisbane’s most loved destinations.
Our passion for food and hospitality lies deep in our roots. Having been raised to Greek and Chinese parents respectively, it was often a joy growing up with our respective families entertaining family and friends, brought together around the dining table. Fond memories live on and the parties now are a melting pot of three wonderful cultures.
Medley, a synonym for ‘diversity’, was fittingly born from the history of its magnificent location, once a gateway to Queensland for thousands of migrants who decided to call Queensland home. Similarly, our parents were a part of this journey having settled in Brisbane, Australia in the 1960’s and 2000’s. Our continued inspiration comes from our love affair of Chinese and Greek cooking, our journeys abroad, the wonderful team at Medley and the abundance of produce we are blessed with here in Queensland.
Serena’s hometown of Wuhan, Hubei is a culinary hotspot as is my parent’s island homeland of Crete. Both have provided much interest for our home cooking and culinary philosophy. Another instrumental marker has been my father’s tenure as a Busboy at the legendary Kahiki Supper Club located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The story of the Kahiki Supper Club is truly special and an important source of continued inspiration. Our mark of hospitality can be traced through our ancestry. Many would recognise the legendary Cretan hospitality which is an instrumental marker for the service provided at Medley. This together with the easy-going Australian way of life makes for a very special experience.
We are absolutely passionate about making Medley synonymous with a wonderful experience and we hope you can join us on our wonderful journey to make Medley a place where we can all feel like ‘family’ through our love of good food and our warm hospitality.
We would like to thank all those valued guests who have supported us over the years and we look forward to sharing the future of Medley with you. Please join us as we embark on the evolution of Medley and the exciting changes that we have in store.

Narayan Babu Thapa / Restaurant & Events Manager

Narayan Babu Thapa, equipped with RMLV and Liquor Approved Manager, boasts a distinguished career marked by unwavering leadership in the food and beverage sector spanning 17 years. Embarking on his new role as Restaurant & Events Manager at Medley Kangaroo Point from March 1st, 2024, Narayan brings a wealth of experience and expertise.
His professional journey includes over a decade of service at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, followed by four years with Accor hotels, where he held pivotal positions such as Food and Beverage Duty Manager at The Sebel, Brisbane City. Furthermore, his tenure as Bar & Function Operations Manager at The Point Brisbane Hotel and roles as shift manager at Ahmets Turkish Restaurant and Bar Supervisor at The Spaghetti House Trattoria further enrich his versatile skill set. Narayan's commitment to excellence and dedication to ensuring exceptional guest experiences shine through in his proven track record. His adeptness in navigating fast-paced environments and solving challenges on the
fly, coupled with his customer-centric approach, uniquely positions him to elevate Medley's dining experience.
Driven by a passion for fostering a sense of familial warmth and delivering outstanding hospitality, Narayan aims to make Medley synonymous with unforgettable moments. His leadership style, grounded in leading by example, aligns seamlessly with Medley's values of excellence, innovation, and genuine hospitality.
Narayan is deeply committed to embodying Medley's philosophy of hospitality, viewing it as a conduit for enriching mutual wellbeing through the provision of food and beverages. With a genuine desire to please others ingrained in his approach, he is poised to cultivate an environment where guests feel like cherished members of the Medley family.

Stay Tuned - NEW Assistant Manager Coming Soon!

More information coming soon


Sagar Pokhrel / Senior Chef 

Meet Chef Sagar, a gifted chef from Nepal who is in charge of preparing, cooking, and overseeing of the culinary genius' behind the delectable food in the Medley kitchen. He is the one of the Chef's behind the creation of the tasty and aesthetically pleasing dishes.
Chef Sagar spent ten years working as a chef
in various hotels, restaurants, and cafés in Brisbane. Everyone on our team is thrilled to be working with a young, talented chef who is knowledgeable about a broad variety of cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavour combinations. In addition to his amazing cooking skills, he has a great sense of leadership. He assists and watches over the other kitchen staff members. He also offers guidance, mentoring, and support to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen. Additionally, he helps in developing new menu items and recipes.
He states, "My kitchen serves as my canvas, my
stage, and my haven in addition to being a place of employment. I put not only my skills but also my heart and soul into every dish I make. Not only does the food make our guests smile, but it also instils pride in our team, which is why I put in so much effort into it. I cook with passion, and every dish I serve is fuelled by my love for what I do and my dedication to our restaurant."
Chef Sagar is excited to express his creativity and impart his culinary expertise to the Medley team and our visitors.

Nabin Khadka / Sous Chef

More information coming soon!

Sabin Magar / Senior Chef de Partie

More information coming soon!


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